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VA - Calling at Duke Street, An Anti-Fascist POP Compilation LP


Info: Et i Graa Blog kontekst meget anderledes antifascistisk album. En fin, meget melodisk og umiskendeligt britisk samling sange fra de tidlige 1990'ere. Duke Street er en handelsgade i London, men nærmere baggrund for udgivelsen kendes ikke.

Indie, indiepop og indierock med meget engelsk vokal.

Info: In Graa Blog contexts this is a very different anti-fascist album. A nice, very melodic and unmistakably British collection of songs from the early 1990s. Duke Street is a commercial street in London, but detailed background of the release is unknown.

Indie, indie pop and indie rock with very English vocals.

1. Rolf and Cindy Band - Slow Crawl
2. The Orchids - Avignon
3. Lorelei - Burro
4. Red Letter Day - Aeolian Harp (Vinyl Version)
5. Eva Luna - From Here to Who Knows Where
6. Beatnik Filmstars - You Can't Fake Sadness Like This (live)
7. Going Public - Hauntin'
8. Antiseptic Beauty - Solvent Mind
9. Eggplant - Your History is Not My History
10. Boyracer with Even as We Speak - Friend
11. Hellfire Sermons - Bill & Sarah
12. The Seashells - Lovebirds
13. The Bartlebees - You've Taken All My Dreams Away
14. Hula Hoop - Stairway to Elizabeth
15. The Pristines - Final
16. Tea - Two Weeks
17. Tree Fort Angst - Fin de Siecle
18. Glaring Surge - Unreleased Dreams

Country: UK
Year: 1993


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