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VA - Global Unity Music

Info: ‘Global Unity Music’ fanger sådan set meget Graa Blogs ånd med ønsket om at dele musik fra hele verden med alle mennesker. Med 22 numre kommer der et mangfoldigt og varieret album ud af samlingen, der især vil appellere til et guitarorienteret publikum.

Punk, ska, skapunk, rock på mange sprog.

Info: Global Unity Music quite captures the spirit of Graa Blogs with the desire to share music from around the world with all people. With 22 tracks there will be a diverse and varied album out of the collection, which especially will appeal to a guitar-oriented audience.

Punk, ska, skapunk, rock in many languages.

01 Dead End Job - The World
02 Dancehall Satan - Nazi Spaceship
03 Joey Terrifying - National Insecurities
04 The Dumpers - Same Time, Same Place...be There!
05 Offbeat Heroes - Negativity
06 Officer Down - What It Takes
07 Resolution 242 - Bullets In The Ground
08 Kung Fu Devils - Straight Outta Dildocore
09 Ghetto Blaster - Strapped With Bombs
10 Stupid Stupid Henchmen - Dual Monotone Thoughts
11 Beng Beng Cocktail - Gone Saccharine Gone
12 Unarmed Riot - Enslaved And Misled
13 The Poseurs - Sekta
14 Dead Subverts - You Call This Civilization
15 Mafafi - I Thought So, He Was Trying To Steal My Brick
16 The Disadvantaged - Christ Corp
17 Posero - Matanza
18 The Low Four - Get Outta My Way
19 Buff - No To Vivisection
20 No Glory - My Enemy
21 Cap A Capo - Australian Identity
22 Niño Zombi - D.I.Y.

Country: international
Year: 2009

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Hey Graa - det her link lader til at være i stykker!

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Hey. Tak for tippet. Prøv igen; det skulle virke nu :)