tirsdag den 17. marts 2009

VA - La Lotta Continua

Info: Anti-G8 solisampler udgivet af forlaget Das ZK Empfiehlt (‘Centralkomiteen anbefaler') i forbindelse med G8-mødet I Genoa.

Bredt spekter af genrer og bands og mere rocket i sit udtryk end de fleste solisamplers. Glimrende udgivelse.

Info: Anti-G8 solidaritysampler from the label Das ZK Empfiehlt (‘The Centralcomitee recomends’) in connection with the G8-meeting in Genua.

A variety of bands and with more genuine rock than with most solisamplers. Fine release.


01 King Prawn (UK) - Racist copper

02 Class Assassins (CAN) - No justice no peace

03 Nogood Heros (USA) - Condition red

04 Psycho Gambola (GER) - Keine besonderen Vorkommnisse

05 Planet Smashers (CAN) - Fabricated

06 Barnstormer (UK) - Haider!

07 Fermin Muguruza (BASQUE COUNTRY) - Nazio ibiltaria naiz

08 Heros & Zeros (NL) - Workers Power

09 Betagarri (BASQUE COUNTRY) - Zure atzeti

10 Adjusters (USA) - Fight Back 2

11 Blaggers Ita (UK) - Emergency

12 Inciters (USA) - Lean on me

13 Kingpins (CAN) - L`aventurier

14 Los Fastidios (ITA) - We hate your G8

15 Rash (TURKEY) - It cok mu zor

16 Stage Bottles (GER) - Hope your gonna save your life

17 Corey Dixon And The Zwooks (USA) - Let bygones be bygons

18 Punkreas (ITA) - Terrorista N.A.T.O.

19 Scrapy (GER) - Streets Politics

20 No Respect (GER) - Küsst die Faschisten

Country: Germany

Year: 2001


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